¡Hola! My name is Jaime. I'm a creative graphic designer and educator based in Madrid, Spain. For over 15 years, I have collaborated on the visual identity of companies worldwide, and my true passion lies in crafting trademarks, logos and branding for my clients.
I have freelanced for major companies such as Amazon, Intel, Cabify, and HBO. Currently, I am part of The Motivated Mind Group, a US-based agency specializing in e-learning and communication, located in Phoenix, Arizona. We serve big clients such as AWS, HP, Uber, or FedEx among others. Despite my full-time role, I always find joy in dedicating part of my free time to freelance work or personal projects.
My expertise encompasses creative direction, logo design, branding and visual identity, vector illustration, and editorial design.
A decade ago, I founded Imborrable, a startup focused on printing and editorial design. We assist other businesses in designing and producing customized printed products locally and economically, using the finest materials and finishes.
In 2020, I launched my own YouTube channel named Hey Jaime. It's a space where I share all that I know about graphic design with almost 80,000 viewers, aiming to inspire and educate.
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