Valentí Acconcia has been a crowdfunding consultant and trainer since 2011. With over 5 million euros raised and 300 projects launched with his clients to date, he has trained more than 12,000 individuals in crowdfunding at institutions such as Elisava and through his own online academy. He is the author of books such as 'The 20 Golden Rules of Crowdfunding' and 'The Basic Guide to Crowdfunding,' as well as practical guides like 'The Creator's Guide.' In addition, he is a podcaster, video blogger, and blogger, focusing on creating daily content about crowdfunding and entrepreneurship. You can find his work on his usual channels, his website, social media, and the podcasts he participates in.
The aim of this visual identity proposal was to strengthen Vanacco's presence among its competitors, reflecting greater professionalism and aspiring to evoke positive concepts such as courage and trust. Additionally, the new visual identity should consistently support the online training section that was housed on the web platform.
The project did not go through, but I had fun crafting this identity, and I truly believe it could have made a big difference in Valentí's entrepreneurship.
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