Back in 2015, I came up with this fun and original project that's particularly dear to me. You see, my sister is a leftie, and she encouraged me to find a solution for the 'lefty drama' through Imborrable (my editorial startup project).

Ever heard of the 'lefty drama'? In a slightly exaggerated tone, I talk about the 'drama' that lefties usually face when writing in a regular notebook: as they drag their hand across the freshly written paper, they end up smudging their palm with ink and blotting the page. Imagine a kid writing an essay in school, never able to turn in something as clean as their right-handed classmates. That's why I call it a 'drama,' and that's why I took on the challenge of designing these notebooks.

Being aware of the struggles lefties go through when writing from left to right, as in the Western alphabet, I created a notebook specifically for left-handed writing. I named them 'Zuadernos,' a cool mashup of the Spanish words 'Zurdo' (Leftie) and 'Cuaderno' (Notebook). The name was a hit, and almost a decade later, I've stumbled upon other projects in Latin America that have adopted it to define their own notebooks for lefties.
After much brainstorming, countless trials, and surveys among those affected by the 'drama,' I designed a notebook with a ruled and slightly tilted structure, so lefties wouldn't have to run their hands over their own notes or force an uncomfortable wrist position. Many left-handed individuals, even adults, often force an unnatural grip on the pen to avoid this issue, a bad habit they've carried since childhood. The lefty ruled interior I designed for Imborrable has a significant pedagogical and educational impact. Thanks to it, left-handed kids learn to write without forcing an unnatural grip on the pen, avoiding carrying this bad habit into adulthood.

To bring the first production to life, I launched a crowdfunding campaign with two main objectives: firstly, to assess if there was a real demand in the market for these lefty notebooks, and secondly, to raise funds through pre-orders to produce the initial stock of Zuadernos. Thus, the first batch of notebooks for lefties was produced, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign on the Verkami platform and the support of over 600 backers, exceeding our initial goal by 300%.

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